Why you should attend the Global Peace Leadership Conference 1st- 2nd August, 2018

1. Building your capacity so that you become a “Moral and Innovative Leader” who is guided by an ethical framework and creativity to address the root causes of social, spiritual, economic and political challenges consequently becoming relevant/productive to your family, institution, community and nation.

2. To learn and adopt an innovative values based approach to peace building, new models that build businesses, tools that transform education, strengthen families, foster interfaith partnership, strategies that protect the environment and respect for human rights.

3. Tapping into profitable networks to help you grow and benefit from global experiences that will energize and empower you with 21st century skills and abilities to contribute to the development of your family, institution, community and nation.

4. Be part of the cultural Gala Night that will conclude the GPLC 2018 on 2nd August, 2018 to celebrate the different cultures of the world, showcase various traditional dishes/meals, dresses/attire, music, dance and drama performances calling for unity in diversity around the world especially in Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, U.S and South America. During the cultural gala night delegates will be requested to donate and contribute items like clothes, shoes, medicine and money to help orphans, HIV/AIDS patients, the elderly of 60-112 years, the homeless and people with disabilities in totally needy communities in Uganda, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Libya and Iraq.

5. You cannot miss to witness and tour the pearl of Africa; take your sense of adventure to new heights as you explore the natural wonders of the incredibly gifted Great Lakes region of Africa, get enchanted by the diverse religious and cultural backgrounds of the East African people and the rest of the world brought together at the conference. According to international reports, Uganda is currently one of the best tourism destinations in the world; The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1907 after visiting African Nations had this to say about Uganda.

Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa…Uganda is a wonderful new world; the scenery is different, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the people are different from anything elsewhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa (...) leadership, with a parliament, and an amiable, clothed, polite, and very intelligent race dwell together in an organized legal system, rich culture, discipline, and there is industry. In fact I ask myself whether there is any other spot in the whole earth like Uganda…what message do I bring back to England? ...I instruct Britain to concentrate on Uganda; for magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life—bird, insect, beast—for vast scale. Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa

• Uganda has 54% of all the mountain gorillas in the world.

• 11% of the world’s bird species are found here in Uganda.

• One of Africa’s largest and highest mountain ranges, the Mt. Rwenzori (Mountains of the Moon as Greek philosopher Ptolemy called them) are found on the western rim of the Great Rift Valley that goes through Uganda. Mt. Rwenzori, the third highest in Africa with its unique three horned chameleon shape has permanent snow and glacier throughout the year.

• Uganda is the source of the Nile, the world’s longest river that flows from the Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical and second largest fresh water lake.With over 45 languages and dialects spoken, Uganda is a rich cultural mixing pot right in the heart of Africa. The rich cultural diversity means variety in foods, dressing, customs, music and beliefs.

• Uganda today is known for the Uganda Martyrs. These 45 young men died for their Christian and Muslim faith rather than submit to the demands of the Kabaka (King) of Buganda between 1885- 1887. Today, over 3 million people from all parts of the world visit Uganda to pay homage in memory of these interfaith martyrs.

• Uganda is currently one of the safest tourist destinations in the world.

• Uganda has one of the sweetest organic fruits, delicious fish and cereals in the world including coffee.

6. Come strike business, trade and investment opportunities in the areas of:-

›› Agriculture
›› Mining and Mineral Resource Processing
›› Energy, Oil and Gas
›› Tourism
›› ICT
›› Infrastructure
›› Service sector such as education health, finance, entertainment, security and environment
›› Real Estate
›› Construction
›› Value addition and manufacturing for the huge market of about 240million people in the Great Lakes Region as well as international markets.

Uganda is a signatory to the following business opportunities

›› Member of the East African Community Economic market of 140 million people.
›› Member of the Free Trade Area of EAC, COMESA and SADC
›› Signatory to the Multi-lateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
›› Signatory to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC of U.S.A)
›› Signatory to the Convention on the recognition and enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Award (CREFAA)
›› Signatory to the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC)
›› Signatory to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID)
›› Signatory to the Agreement on Trade Related Investment Measures (TRIMS)
›› Signatory to the General Agreement of Trade in Service (GATS)
›› Signatory to the Agreement on Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
›› Signatory to the Duty and Quota free access into China (quota free access for over 650 products)
›› Signatory to the U.S.A AGOA Agreement
›› Signatory to the Generalized system of preferences (GSP) scheme with European Commission
›› Signatory to the European Union (Everything But Arms) markets.

The Grant Thornton 2016 report, "Doing business in Uganda" indicates that Uganda already is the preferred home of several leading Global Corporations and International Organizations. According to the World Bank report 2015 report, Uganda has established herself as one of the fastest growing economies (+6%) and has been recognized as one of the most liberal countries for foreign investments in Africa having a strong macroeconomic management approach.

7. Wouldn’t you want to come and contribute to a dynamic program that will shape new pathways to tackle the root causes of global challenges? Your voice and experience is critical in guiding the implementation of this proactive outcome based program: - be part of the leaders going to make history in building a new world.


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